Biomedical Law

Biomedical law is an interdisciplinary expertise area that often intersects with other fields of law, namely health, civil, criminal, administrative and intellectual property law. It also works closely with fields outside of law, such as medicine and bioethics. 

The Biomedical Law expertise area brings together topics ranging from the organisation and management of resources, regulation of healthcare establishments, contracting with National Health Service (SNS) entities, insurance companies and other players, medical liability, informed consent, regulation of medical research, patient rights and technical and ethical dilemmas in areas such as the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare, genetics, assisted reproduction and end-of-life decisions, to international issues such as human rights in medical contexts, international responsibility for the environment, human and animal health, and the regulation of medicines and devices at a global level. 

The pioneering area of biomedical law has professionals with experience in various expertise areas and academic and research links, which enable a unique global perspective on today's complex bioethics and health law issues. The solid scientific basis combined with substantial practical and forensic experience in health law, regulation and liability, and civil, criminal and administrative law provide a holistic approach, guaranteeing innovative yet solid legal solutions in line with the latest scientific developments, best practices and bioethical guidelines.

Key Contacts
Practice areas

Specialized legal consulting in the drafting, reviewing, and implementing informed consent forms and processes for medical procedures, clinical trials, and other healthcare services. The focus is ensuring these documents and processes comply with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines. The aim is to protect healthcare providers from potential legal risks while safeguarding patients' rights to be fully informed and to agree to treatment options voluntarily. This service is essential for maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of healthcare organisations.

Specialized legal advice on acquiring goods and services, from medical equipment to pharmaceuticals and outsourced services. Services include drafting and reviewing contracts, advising on regulatory compliance, and representation in procurement disputes. The aim is to ensure transparent, fair, and legally compliant procurement processes that mitigate risks and deliver value, thereby supporting the efficient operation of healthcare organisations.

Legal consultation in compliance with regulations such as GDPR and other data protection laws, including drafting privacy policies and terms of use and advising on secure technological solutions for the storage and transfer of sensitive data like genetic information and medical history. The aim is to ensure healthcare organisations manage these special categories of data securely and ethically, thereby minimising legal risks and enhancing patient and stakeholder trust. This service is essential for navigating the intricacies of data protection in the healthcare sector.

Legal and ethical advisory services in complex matters involving living wills, advance directives, palliative care, and, where legally permitted, assisted death. The aim is to ensure that patient choices, whether to continue life-sustaining treatment or opt for medically assisted termination of life, comply with existing laws and ethical guidelines. This service is vital for minimising legal risks and moral conflicts, providing clarity and guidance to healthcare professionals, patients, and their families during critical moments.

Legal consultation and representation in matters involving access to healthcare, discrimination, informed consent, and privacy issues. The focus is on ensuring that the rights of patients and vulnerable groups are respected and protected in compliance with national and international laws and regulations. This service is crucial for minimising legal risks to healthcare organisations while ensuring that the fundamental rights of individuals are upheld, thereby fostering a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.

Specialized legal advice covering a range of issues from intellectual property rights in genetic discoveries to ethical and regulatory considerations in genetic testing and therapies. Services include compliance guidance, drafting and reviewing contracts, and data privacy protection in genetic research and clinical applications. The aim is to ensure genetic innovations are developed and deployed ethically and legally, minimising legal risks while promoting responsible scientific advancement. This is crucial for fostering trust and innovation in the rapidly evolving field of genetics and healthcare

Legal services focused on the intersection between health and technology, including the drafting and review of technology licensing contracts, ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy regulations, and providing guidance on ethical considerations such as the responsible use of AI algorithms in medical diagnostics. The aim is to ensure that technological innovations are implemented in a manner that is both ethical and legally compliant, thereby minimising risks while maximising efficacy in healthcare treatment and management. This service is vital for navigating the complex regulatory landscape of healthcare technology.

Specialized legal services that include drafting and reviewing licensing agreements, patenting medical and pharmaceutical innovations, and protection of trade secrets and trademarks. The aim is to ensure that intellectual assets are adequately protected and leveraged while complying with industry regulations and ethical guidelines. This service is crucial for stimulating innovation and competitiveness while minimising the risk of litigation and ensuring legal and ethical compliance.

Comprehensive legal consulting that spans from regulatory compliance to strategic planning and efficient resource allocation in the healthcare sector. Services include advising on the licensing of healthcare facilities, contract negotiations, and employment matters for healthcare professionals. The aim is to ensure that healthcare organisations operate effectively and thoroughly comply with the law, thereby minimising legal risks while enhancing quality of care.

Comprehensive legal advice on issues ranging from regulatory compliance to ethical considerations and informed consent), contracts with fertility clinics, and donation agreements. The aim is to ensure that all parties involved are legally protected and that procedures comply with applicable laws and regulations. This service is vital for mitigating legal and ethical risks while facilitating access to assisted reproductive treatments in an ethical and legally responsible manner.

Medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, international health liability) (Comprehensive legal services that cover a range of liability aspects, including medical malpractice, pharmaceutical product liability, and global health liability issues. This involves advising on compliance with laws and regulations, representing clients in litigation, and risk mitigation strategies. The objective is to minimise legal and reputational risks for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies while ensuring adherence to ethical standards and legal requirements. This is crucial for fostering trust and confidence among patients and stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

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